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Your Professional Headspace

Scott Charlton

Achieving career success and personal fulfilment as a professional in practice

Too busy looking after clients to consider yourself? Feel like you're in a washing machine, wrung out at the end of the spin cycle? If so, parking your soul at the door of the office each day and going through the motions is not the answer.

Your Professional Headspace offers powerful recommendations on how to change your life. You'll receive insights about getting into (and out of) partnerships, purchasing business premises, and leadership. You will also find valuable guidance on building your professional network, developing your personal brand and enjoying superior physical fitness.

Scott Charlton has assisted hundreds of professionals to run better businesses and do the work they love. Scott has counseled the professionally lost, those seeking career change and others who are exhausted from carrying the firm on their shoulders.

Filled with real life examples, checklists and tips, Your Professional Headspace is a practical guide to achieving a more fulfilling and financially rewarding life as a professional in practice.

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Scott Charlton

During a varied career exceeding thirty years, Scott Charlton has worked at two of the biggest international professional firms, commenced the world’s smallest accounting practice, and has been one of three principals in an aspiring CBD partnership. Scott has also changed occupation several times, had a career break, and faced the challenge of being “between jobs.” During this time Scott has worked from home and in CBD offices with stunning views. He has also toiled in soul-less broom cupboards, owned commercial premises, and been a “road warrior.”

A chartered accountant by background, Scott ran his own practice for many years in a leafy Brisbane suburb before merging with two other practitioners to create a firm in the CBD. Throughout this period Scott specialised in advising a range of professionals in practice including health professionals, lawyers, and consultants.

Since leaving his accounting firm, Scott has focused on business coaching. Scott’s particular interest in coaching stems from his personal mission to help others achieve their potential. In the past ten years Scott has worked with the owners and team members in over three hundred accounting and financial planning firms. This work has taken him all over Australia and to New Zealand.

Scott is currently Head of Strategic Development at Fortnum Financial Advisers, a financial planning group dedicated to client first solutions.



Your Professional Headspace by Scott Charlton  |  Published by VIVID Publishing
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Published : New edition 2021
Format : PB C-format 210pp
RRP: $34.95 paperback / $11.99 ebook
ISBN : 9781921787553
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : Business Coaching / Life Skills