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Counting on the Hill : A book by Friends of Cantonment Hill; published by Vivid Publishing, Fremantle . Counting on the Hill
A book by Friends of Cantonment Hill

The Friends of Cantonment Hill is a group of volunteers who work to maintain and care for the site known as Cantonment Hill/Dwerda Weelardinup. It is on Whadjuk Noongar Boodjar, and has important Noongar cultural significance. The area includes a Bush Forever site which is celebrated in this book. In 2011 the Fremantle City Council commissioned the Masterplan for Cantonment Hill. It is the hope of the Friends group that this Masterplan will be fully implemented so that the Hill can best be enjoyed by the community and appreciated as a precious natural space.

Format: Full colour hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-923078-02-4


School's Out! 
by Brendan Murray . School's Out!
Brendan Murray

And the hair is 1969. It’s December, 1969 and Rod Stickle is released from prison. But the sweet taste of freedom after five years inside is soured by the alien world he walks into. Changing fashions, landscapes, currencies, Vietnam and the Peace movement, make life on the outside a real challenge. The long-haired louts marching the streets, protesting a war “they’re too gutless to fight” riles Stickle and prompts him to clean up and restore order.

Billy McCallum and his friends have also been released – from 12 years of schooling – and are looking forward to new adventures. Billy’s attraction to fellow-student Lucy Lewis grows as does Stickle’s lurking menace. Life soon heats up in the port as divergent paths converge towards Christmas and the end of an era.

Format: Paperback / ebook
ISBN: 978-1-922788-38-2

Skullboy & the Leap of Faith by Scott Hewitt . Skullboy & the Leap of Faith
Scott Hewitt

Skullboy and the Leap of Faith is a beautifully illustrated, motivational children's book like no other!

Skullboy and the Leap of Faith
sees our young skull-headed protagonist leaving his home, his friends, and his family in search of truth and meaning behind his existence. This story is one of courage, strength, and overcoming obstacles. It has been written with the hope to give children the tools needed to tackle any tricky obstacle they may face as they walk through life.

Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-922565-92-1

Skullboy & the Leap of Faith by Scott Hewitt . The Spirit of André
Farnaz Zirakbash

The story of a little dog with a big heart

Even though André, a little dog, faces many health challenges and is getting old at 14, he never gives up. He keeps smiling because his mum loves him so much and takes great care of him. This true story shows how strong the bond between pets and humans can be and it reminds us to cherish every moment in life. Join André on his journey and discover the transformative magic of unconditional love.

Format: Paperback / Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-923078-23-9

Skullboy & the Leap of Faith by Scott Hewitt . Murphy's Road Home
Bianca Farrell

Follow Murphy on his journey to make it home before dark.

Sid the snail is trailing along on each page - can you spot him?

Format: Hardcover / Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-922788-32-0 

Cedric and the Golden Chalice of Mercia by Matthew Noonan . Cedric and the Golden Chalice of Mercia
Matthew Noonan

Born in a time of tumultuous change, sixteen-year-old Cedric was just trying to get by. A novice monk by day - Cedric was not your average boy. Prone to visions and strange behaviours, he was bullied by the others in Mercia, and he never knew where he belonged. His only solace was looking out into the sea, where adventure -and danger-beckoned. The day the Northmen raided the monastery, his life was changed forever - capturing not only Cedric but a mysterious chalice, an old relic of Jerusalem, highly prized by the monks.

Sold into slavery and sent far away from his homeland, Cedric was determined to return the chalice to its rightful place. Fey and feckless, Cedric befriends a dancing girl Theodora and a thief called Balkis. Inspired by a raven in his darkest moments, Cedric embarks on a journey to the Great Palace of Constantinople with his new companions, facing many obstacles in his way. Will he succeed in his mission?

Format: Paperback / ebook
ISBN: 978-1-922788-00-9

Covid Vire Ass by Wendy Patrick . Covid Vire Ass
Wendy Patrick

It was just another day on Planet Earth and unbeknown to billions of humans there was a wicked plan being put in place. The idiotic evil leader of disease, Covid Vire Ass, wanted to destroy the human race. Together with Commander Bug Off and their army of fleas, their devious plan unfolds.Commander Bug Off's nasty plans are turned upside down when he finds himself feeling sorry for the humans.
A transformation happens and he becomes, 'Superbug'.  Together with his new friend, 'Vaccina' they set out to defeat Covid Vire Ass and save the world.

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-922565-90-7

Della Mortika - Book 3 
Geraldine F. Martin .
. Della Mortika - Book 3
Geraldine F. Martin


The Circus of Secrets

Fleeing from the disastrous Library of Wonder fire, which had destroyed their previous home, the Della Morte sisters and their friend Charlie are adopted by a travelling circus which has camped in Melbourne in 1888. The friends settle in, learning new skills and meeting new people. That is, until the circus is bought by a mysterious Melbourne business man. Slowly, things start to change for Abigail, Beatrix, Zarah and Charlie. So much so that their initial feelings of safety start to dissolve. A failed abduction attempt confirms their suspicions and they now enter into an investigation of the goings-on at the circus. Someone wants the friends under his, or her, control. Why? Who? Is it the new owner? Is it to do with their captured parents? And most importantly, will they ever see their parents again?

Format: Paperback
Pages: 224pp


Layla the Sailor
 by Daniel Clark & Layla Clark .
. Layla the Sailor
Daniel Clark & Layla Clark


To the sea they ran, and so began
the most unlikely tale:
A girl and a hound, horizon-bound,
as their little boat set sail.

A delightful rhyming story for adventurous children, companionable dogs, and friends who must say goodbye.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 26pp

Artemis and the Night Sky Kittens by Farnaz Zirakbash .
. Artemis and the Night Sky Kittens
Farnaz Zirakbash


When two stray kittens wander into Artemis’s life, she discovers they are twice as nice to play with – and double trouble to look after. Artemis feeds them formula five times a day, washes their faces and helps them take their first steps.

When one of the kittens gets sick, the vet has shocking news, and Artemis must make a difficult choice. Will she be brave enough to face the challenges ahead? And what happens when you lose someone you love? How does a broken heart mend and keep on loving, brave and true?

Format: Colour Paperback/Hardcover
Pages: 40pp

What Can You Do With A Ball? 
by Cathy Marshall .
. What Can You Do With A Ball?
Cathy Marshall


You need never be bored if you have a ball! There are so many ways to use and enjoy one. Alone, or with friends, a ball is all you need for hours of enjoyment.
Developing ball skills are fundamental to every child's ongoing sporting and recreational life. This delightful and brightly illustrated rhyming story will help parents and educators promote healthy play outdoors for young children.

Format: Colour Paperback
Pages: 16pp

What Animals Do You Have Living In Your Backyard?
 by Kathleen Walter .
. What Animals Do You Have Living In Your Backyard?
Kathleen Walter


This activity book will bring children into the world of their own backyards of wild animals and pets - a simple but interesting way to help them to connect to the responsibilities of having pets, whilst also having fun. 

Format: Paperback
Page 96pp colour

Grandma Ugogo's Zulu Hut
 by Patricia Benzie-Morgan .
. Grandma Ugogo's Zulu Hut
Patricia Benzie-Morgan


Grandma Ugogo's Zulu Hut
 is a delightful adventure about preserving culture and traditional values, maintaining distant relationships and being away from home for the first time. This vibrant story, interspersed with snippets of Zulu language, inspires love, trying new things and the importance of family bonds. The collaboration with the artistic genius of Anna Evans has brought the fairy tale to life.

Format: Paperback / Hardcover
Page 20pp colour

Milton's Monster Mum
 by Lambhead .
. Milton's Monster Mum


Imagine a small boy who’s mother can gleefully turn at will into any number of hideous creatures at his slightest misstep.

Join Milton as he faces the day with giant mohair-clad monsters stamping and faffing about causing mayhem and madness. All Milton wants to do is play. Can he get away from the Raaaaarrrgh?


Format: Paperback / eBook
Page 32pp colour

Z for Zanto by 
Jayne Lyons .
. Z for Zanto
Jayne Lyons


Zanto dreams of playing soccer for Real Magique. The problem is that no team wants you when you’re green and have fangs!  

Along with the rest of the zombie-kids, Zanto and his friend Nala, a stick-twirling UFC fan, are sent to The Island. They live behind high wire fences—with no hope of a future.  

When Il Presido announces the Hope Games for children, Zanto’s dream of scoring in a cup final is revived.  But first, he must lead his friends on a daring escape from The Island.  And even if they succeed, will he convince the world that being green doesn’t make him dangerous?

Format: Paperback / ebook
Pages: 256pp

Skilled in Magic 
by Gemma Kirkman .
. Skilled in Magic
Gemma Kirkman


Five Go into Dark Worlds
(Book One)

Four orphaned children. A remote farm and a strange guardian.

Each child has a hidden gift and together they will become skilled in magic, a circle of sorcerers. But first they must harness their separate powers and uncover the mystery of their birthright. 

The eccentric Professor holds secrets too. Through him, they learn the tragic truth of their parents’ death and inherit a magic quest. Embarking on a reckless rescue mission to three dark worlds controlled by the evil sorcerer, Lord Mediarn, the children are tested by danger and heartbreak.

Format: Paperback / Harcover / eBook
Pages: 248pp

Skilled in Magic 
by Gemma Kirkman .
. Skilled in Magic
Gemma Kirkman


Five On An Ancient Trail
(Book Two)

Long-ago relics, ancient structures, one very dangerous mountaintop—and a puzzling key! These things are connected somehow, a mysterious trail of clues . . .
But a trail to what?
Driven by curiosity, and riding in a magical flying bathtub, the Delliks children set off on a long and dangerous journey. Julian, Lee, Maggie, Edward, and
little Enid each have a magical ability, and together they possess the Five-as-one power—truly a force to be reckoned with should anything stand in their way.
Yet not even the Five are prepared for the surprises, wonders, and perils they encounter on their madcap adventure...

Format: Paperback / Harcover / eBook
Pages: 196pp

Skilled in Magic 
by Gemma Kirkman .
. Skilled in Magic
Gemma Kirkman


Five Discover a Secret
(Book Three)

A fiery teen, a magnificent winged Fae, a city melting into the sand.

Separated from her family by time travel, Enid, the youngest of the Delliks, has spent ten years with the Fae Bellator not knowing if her brothers and sisters are dead or alive. Now fifteen, and formidable, together with Bellator she must travel through the Magic Worlds to piece together a troubling mystery.

FIVE DISCOVER A SECRET is the third book in the Skilled in Magic fantasy series for young readers. If you enjoyed the first two instalments, you’ll love this one.

Format: Paperback / Harcover
Pages: 234pp

Skilled in Magic  Book 4by Gemma Kirkman .
. Skilled in Magic
Gemma Kirkman


Five Unravel a Mystery
(Book Four)

A magic pirate ship, islands filled with strange creatures, a forgotten civilisation - and an underwater quest!
Continuing from Book 3, the Delliks embark on a quest to uncover the identity of the dark magic apprentice. They must work together as they journey through magical worlds, grappling with their growing powers while encountering new civilizations and unknown creatures.
As a showdown with their nemesis approaches, the group realises that to obtain the answers they seek, they must embark on the ultimate adventure - a trip through time itself.
The Delliks children confront dark forces with the guidance of their wise mentor and unexpected allies in the captivating fourth book of the “Skilled in Magic” series.

Format: Paperback / Harcover
Pages: 192pp

Zac's Game Plan
 by Ewan Fowles . .
  Zac's Game Plan
Ewan Fowles


'Zac's Game Plan' dives into the challenges young people may have with disabilities. No matter what you face in life or the challenges it brings you, stay strong and never give up on your dreams. This book also focus’s on the effects of bullying and showing you the benefits of not letting bullies bring you down. Zac is a strong willed young man who loves football and dreams to play for the AFL but not without some struggles along the way.

Format: ebook
Pages: 20pp

Settle, Petal by 
Peta L Tooley + Emma J Thompson .
. Settle, Petal
Peta L Tooley + Emma J Thompson


One morning, Mum is teary-eyed when she drops Petal at school. What could be wrong?
Is Petal in trouble? Is Mum sick? Is Dad going away?
Petal’s day is clouded with worry.
But when Mum finally brings her home, the front door opens to a wonderful surprise.

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 34pp

Settle, Petal by 
Peta L Tooley + Emma J Thompson .
. The Legend of the Lost Pearl
Moya Huxtable


In the Crystal Caves, hidden far beneath Antarctica, lives an ancient being. Medusa is the last of her kind who escaped from our sister planet, Terralius, before its apocalyptic implosion eons ago. She has seen what unfolds when all warnings of global catastrophe are ignored.

Format: eBook
Pages: 140pp

Quincy Quokka
 by Fay O. Andresen .
. Quincy Quokka
Fay O. Andresen


Join Quincy Quokka and his funny friends from Rottnest Island as you read the warm hearted story of his journey of discovery and intrigue. Watch as they playfully tease each other and how one little quokka discovers his thirst for adventure. See how brave Quincy Quokka saves the day and is the hero of Rottnest Island.





Format: Paperback
Pages: 32pp

Rudi: the rocking rolling rock by 
Julie F Potts .
. The Comet Club
M. E.Riches


An astronomical teen adventure that spans rural Australia, eighteenth-century England and the dark reaches between worlds.

When four friends discover an antique pocket watch with magical powers, they unpick the secrets of time travel and embark on a perilous mission. Will The Comet Club pull off an epic rescue, or be stranded eternally like flies in a cosmic web?





Format: Paperback
Pages: 276pp

Rudi: the rocking rolling rock by 
Julie F Potts .
. Rudi: the rocking rolling rock
Julie F Potts


Rudi is a rough little rock who lives on a busy beach. Claude and Clara Crab store food in his pockets. Baza the Bream and Spud the Swordfish play with Rudi in the waves. And Winston the Whale tells him stories of deep-sea adventures. What more could a little rock ask for? But sometimes, Rudi does want more. He wants to be like the smooth rocks who are the coolest of them all.

A quirky and uplifting seaside tale about friendship, rejection and belonging.

Format: Colour Paperback
Pages: 36pp

The Super Green's Build Team
 by Blaire Simpson & Bunji Spillard .
. The Super Green's Build Team
Blaire Simpson & Bunji Spillard


Ted has a problem. He has too much stuff and too much space. Luckily the Super Greens are here to save the day!

Join Bernie the bilby, Emily the echidna, Pat the playtpus and Katy the koala as they work as a team to design and build an eco-friendly tiny house for Ted.

Format: Colour Paperback / Hardcover
Pages: 20pp

The Trouble with André 
by Farnaz Zirakbash .
. The Trouble with André
Farnaz Zirakbash


A book for children, families and pets with diabetes

A charming children’s book for 5-7 year-olds and for families with sick pets or children with diabetes. This true story shows the magic of love—how it can transform the lives of humans and animals alike and help us to live with difficulty and illness. With his health well cared for, André can run, play and smile, and bring joy to the one who loves him.

Format: Colour Hardcover
Pages: 32pp

Run for Fun 
by Catherine Marshall .
. Run for Fun
Catherine Marshall


Look outside - Blue sky, bright sun.
Let’s play games
And run for fun!

Running is fundamental to every child’s ongoing sporting and recreational life. This delightful and brightly illustrated rhyming story will help parents and educators promote healthy play outdoors for young children.

Format: Colour Paperback
Pages: 16pp

The Riverboat Postman by 
Joanne Karcz .
. The Riverboat Postman
Joanne Karcz


Written in rhyme for young children and early readers, the book describes the experience of two children who step on board The Riverboat Postman to deliver the mail. The Riverboat Postman really does exist. It has been delivering mail to water access only properties along the Hawkesbury River for over 100 years.

Format: Colour Paperback
Pages: 32pp

The Trivia Quiz Book for Kids 
by Tom Trifonoff .
. The Trivia Quiz Book for Kids
Tom Trifonoff


The Trivia Quiz Book for Kids is the follow up to The Quiz Book for Kids and continues the pattern of asking fun, stimulating and challenging trivia questions to young people in the 10-16 age group.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 70pp

The Quiz Book for Kids 
by Tom Trifonoff .
. The Quiz Book for Kids
Tom Trifonoff


The Quiz Book For Kids is the follow-up to Quizzes For Kids and continues to ask relevant and challenging questions about our world and beyond to young people in the 10-16 age range. There are 500 NEW questions to stimulate thinking in young people, and for them to also have fun and enjoy the challenging questions presented to them.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 48pp

The Terrible Timing of Terry Tortoise by Sharyn Gunn .
. The Terrible Timing of Terry Tortoise
Sharyn Gunn


Have you ever had trouble getting to school on time? Terry struggles with this every day and he is tired of running late and missing out. Maybe there are a few reasons why he runs late, but he might find there is just one thing he needs to change if he is ever to get to school before the bell.

Format: Colour Paperback / Hardcover / eBook
Pages: 32pp

Jail Road Shadows  by Brendan Murray .
. Jail Road Shadows
Brendan Murray


It’s 1964 and only weeks since the last man hanged in Western Australia but there are already demons stepping up to cast their shadows in the state’s port city. Billy (Bam) McCallum becomes a target for one of these predators after a gut-wrenching encounter that stirs his summer and of those closest to him in his tight community. He soon learns that staying alive is all about staying alert.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 288pp

We Can't All Be The Same 
by Glenn Martin .
. We Can't All Be The Same
Glenn Martin


A story of love is not exactly new.
Nor is a tale of heroes, it’s true.
A story of determination has already been told.
And tales of ambition have already been sold.
The themes might be old but the characters are new.
These voices were silenced and sadly no-one knew.

Format: Hardcover Colour
Pages: 72pp

Dragon Rising 
by Aashraya Phuyal .
. Dragon Rising
Aashraya Phuyal


The Awakening Series - Book 1

Tim lives a normal life in an isolated rural town in Australia, until the shadow of a dragon looms over his community. After a scroll is found, containing a mad prophecy, Tim sneaks out, unprepared and unknowing of what is to come…

Format: eBook
Pages: 118pp

When Knife Married Fork 
Susan Boylan / Kacie O'Grady .
. When Knife Married Fork
Susan Boylan / Kacie O'Grady


Knife and Fork have always been a perfect match on the dinner table but with a formal dinner plate between them, they have never been truly together.  With a grumpy placemat and an over excited serviette, can Milk Jug organise all the dinner table occupants to help these two finally become husband and wife?

Format: Colour Paperback/Hardcover/eBook
Pages: 30pp

The 89th Kitten 
by Eleanor Nilsson .
. The 89th Kitten
Eleanor Nilsson


It all starts with Blackberry, the stray kitten that Miss Berry finds in a street tree. But somehow she can’t stop herself, and soon Knobbles, Shadow, Honey, Strawberry, Lightning, Creamy Paws, Pirate and Panther have come to stay in her lovely fresh house with its big, cottagey garden.

Soon there are twenty, then thirty, then fifty cats! When the number gets to eighty-nine, what started out as a nice thing to do, saving the cats, has turned into a nightmare.

Sandy, the young girl who is helping Miss Berry, has to find a solution. In finding it, she solves her own problem of how to get on with her parents.

Format: eBook
Pages: 78pp

What's That Smell? by 
Linton Meagher .
. What's That Smell?
Linton Meagher


When a family holiday on a farm in the Australian bush, the children discover all sorts of smells as they explore...

Parents and children alike will love the Scratch N Sniff stickers!

Format: Colour Paperback
Pages: 24pp

The Visitors
 by Coreen Di Prinzio .
. The Visitors
Coreen Di Prinzio


The people from the land of plenty find a holiday destination at a nearby island. The islanders welcome them in with open arms, trying hard to make them feel special. The story takes us on a journey with choices made by both the visitors and the island people and the consequences that follow.

Format: Paperback
Page 32pp colour

by Dan Matheson .
. Before
Dan Matheson


Join long time friends Smith and Miya, as they are thrust into solving an unexpected mystery.  Their adventure only gets more complicated when the local Sheriff, and his son Billy, start sticking their noses in where they don't belong. It's the most intriguing thing to ever happen to Smith, Miya, and the small town of Steele Valley.  Are they ready to handle the astonishing truth when the mystery finally unravels?

Format: Paperback
Pages: 136pp

Dangar Island 
Joanne Karcz .
. Dangar Island: birds, barrows,
a ferry and me

Joanne Karcz + Jaqui Selby


Dangar Island is a real place. A small river community on the Hawkesbury River, north of Sydney. Children growing up on Dangar Island have an enviable freedom. This book tells a story of life on the island. 

Format: Colour Paperback
Pages: 28pp

Dangar Island 
Joanne Karcz .
. My Name is Mac
Lori Reynolds


A little black pup is feeling unwanted and alone in Jeanie’s animal shelter. But he soon realises he is far from alone!

Follow his journey as he finds new friends (some strange and scary) and new hope of a loving family to finally discover who he is.


Format: Colour Paperback
Pages: 64pp full colour

Tooth Bunny's A - Z Tips for Terric Teeth 
by Dr Annetta Tsang .
. Tooth Bunny's
A - Z Tips for Terrific Teeth

Dr Annetta Tsang


Make a difference with the help of the Tooth Bunny’s A-Z Tips for Terrific Teeth book. Written and illustrated by a highly qualified specialist paediatric dentist, this book brings to you 26 evidence based tips for protecting priceless smiles, from A to Z, in full colour.


Format: Colour Paperback
Pages: 64pp

Pen Pen's Journey 
by Natasha Kate Evans .
. Didge
Natasha Kate Evans


Join Didge as he follows his dreams of becoming a football superstar. Sena the sneaky slithering snake enters his life unexpectedly. How will Didge take him on? Based on a true story of courage, persistence and love that is bound to inspire you.

Format: Colour Paperback / Hardcover
Pages: 40pp

Pen Pen's Journey 
by Penny Farrant .
. Pen Pen's Journey
Penny Farrant


Follow the story of Pen-Pen, an unhappy little penguin who finds herself alone in Sydney, Australia - seemingly lost, without her parents or even knowing where she was born or what species she belongs to. Pen-Pen finds out about all the types of penguins in the world as she travels (virtually, on the internet) to establish her origins and find out what type of penguin she is.

Format: Colour Paperback / Hardcover / ebook
Pages: 74pp

Della Mortika  - The Library of Wonder by Geraldine F. Martin .
. Della Mortika
Geraldine F. Martin


The Library of Wonder

Abigail and Beatrix have been adopted by the Malefics, a famous inventor family, after a short stay in the Skipping Girl Home for Wayward and Homeless Girls in Melbourne. Zarah sets out to be reunited with them, but when she gets to the Malefic Mansion she is disturbed to find that her sisters are nowhere to be seen.

Where are Zarah’s sisters? Why have other children been disappearing? And what do these happenings have to do with the Malefics’ latest invention, The Library of Wonder?

Format: Paperback/ebook
Pages: 174pp

In My Backyard by B.P. Brattus .
. In My Backyard
B.P. Brattus


In an overgrown backyard with bushes wild and free, live some magical blue creatures not like you and me.
They dance and leap all through the night, but when this boy tries to shows his parents... those crafty creatures vanish into the warm, dry night. Is he dreaming or can it be true? Those odd-looking creatures so tiny and blue.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 28pp
ISBN: 978-1-925341-59-1

Liam the Superhero 
Heidi Dredge .
. The Cochlear Kids:
Liam the Superhero

Heidi Dredge


Liam is just like any other four year old and loves pretending he is a superhero. But…
Liam already has an extra special power.
It is one that helps him hear hour after hour!
Learn about cochlear implants through this playful, rhyming story of Liam and his real-life super power!

Format: Paperback
Pages: 28pp
ISBN: 978-1-925341-50-8

The Tortoise and the Mare by Amy Cady .
. The Tortoise and the Mare
Amy Cady


H.R Frog made a mistake. A big one.
A mistake so big his guilt has kept him quiet for many, many years.
Until now.
At last this ageing reporter knows it’s time to come clean and reveal to you the truth about a most famous race...
The truth which will change literary history forever!



Format: Paperback
Pages: 32pp
ISBN: 978-1-92520-97-23

Fish in my Hair by 
Jodie Gien .
. Fish in my Hair
Jodie Gien


What would you do if you
woke up one morning with
fish in your hair,
furry toes and a dinosaur foot
too big for a shoe?

Format: Paperback
Pages: 24pp
ISBN: 978-1-925209-64-8

The Wonder of Words by Peter Jacob .
. The Wonder of Words
Peter Jacob


A fun look at words that sound the same but have different meaning, this short book encourages the reader or listener to think about the naming of things and actions. If a fly flies and an orange is orange why don’t we call a lemon a yellow?

Format: Paperback
Pages: 16pp
ISBN: 978-1-925209-61-7

The Adventures of an Old Boab Tree by Maria Flavel .
. The Adventures of an Old Boab Tree
Maria Flavel


For more than 500 years Mr. Boab had lived in the bush with his friends the Kija people and the native animals. Little did he know that his life would change dramatically and that he would take an amazing journey across the country to a new life in the city.

What happens next? You’ll find out if you read this true story!


Format: Paperback
Pages: 16pp

The Boy Who Jumped But Didn't Land by Ross Thornton .
. The Boy Who Jumped
But Didn't Land

Ross Thornton


What if you had to disappear in order to be seen?

Twelve-year-old Tamara Dawes is a psychic investigator for the New York City Police Department. Her visions and dreams help catch the worst criminals in the most mysterious cases. When she’s called on to help with the strange case of a boy who leaps off a building and simply vanishes, she uncovers a plot with both horror and wonder at its heart.

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 336pp

When I Grow Up  by Matt Williams .
. When I Grow Up
Matt Williams


When I grow up there’s lots of things I’d like to be:
But how am I supposed to know which job is right for me? This delightful story will encourage children to use their imagination and dream about what their future holds.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 32pp

Faatimah and Ahmed 
by Razeena Gutta .
. Faatimah and Ahmed
Razeena Gutta


Faatimah and Ahmed love being little Muslims. Today was Ahmed's first day of school and he has learnt some very important things about Prophet Muhammed.
Join them, as Ahmed tells Faatimah a special story about when Muhammed (SAW) was born, and explains to her how important Muhammed is to Muslims.

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 32pp

My Mummys Got Tattoos by Andy White .
. My Mummys Got Tattoos
Andy White


My Mummy’s Got Tattoos is the children’s book for the offspring of the inked.
The story explores family relationships through a child’s imagination, revealing that everybody looks funny to somebody. It is perfect for anybody who feels different or loves somebody who is. Released 10th December 2014

Format: Paperback/ebook
Pages: 36pp

My Daddys Got Tattoos 
by Andy White .
. My Daddys Got Tattoos
Andy White


My Daddy’s Got Tattoos is the children’s book for the offspring of the inked.
The story explores family relationships through a child’s imagination, revealing that everybody looks funny to somebody. It is perfect for anybody who feels different or loves somebody who is.

Format: Paperback/ebook
Pages: 36pp

Loti and the Storm by Andrew Aggebrink-Jones .
. Loti and the Storm
Andrew Aggebrink-Jones


‘As surfers we position ourselves on a great divide, the edge of the Earth. It’s a special place where the ocean meets the land, another world full of raw energy and amazing sights. We get to ride that energy and have a front row seat to the greatest show on Earth.’

Loti had always been fascinated by the ocean. He loved to watch the wind and waves. Angelo’s first wave was something he would never forget.
The sensation was enough to keep an interest in surfing forever. One almighty storm brings a stranger to the shores of a remote South Pacific island.
The small village of Navou would never be the same again.
‘Loti and the Storm’ is a fable about surfing, friendship and adventure

Format: Paperback
Pages: 144pp
ISBN: 978-1-925171-62-4

by Laszlo .
. ANTventure


It took an adventure on the Sunshine Coast, for A the ant to realise, being small and all can be cool.





Format: Paperback
Pages: 32pp
ISBN: 978-1-925209-02-0

Della Mortika  - Voyage to the Antipodes by Geraldine F. Martin .
. Della Mortika
Geraldine F. Martin


Voyage to the Antipodes

The Della Morte family, steampunk inventors, set out on a journey from England to Melbourne in the Antipodes in 1888 in their flailing ship Invention. What they expected to be an uneventful trip turns out to be anything but. This is a book for anyone who loves adventure and intrigue set in a steampunk world very different from our own. This trip should have been so easy. Invention is a state of the art steam-powered flying sailing ship. Sisters Abigail, Beatrix and Zarah are experienced sailors, and with their parents should have made it to the Antipodes in record time. But...

Format: Paperback/ebook
Pages: 122pp

John D and Me 
by Sonia Penny and Kate McCarthy .
. John D and Me
Sonia Penny and Kate McCarthy


John Daniel leaves the jungle to live with a friend but one day his good behviour comes to an end. His gorilla antics land him in the zoo.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 20pp colour

A Windy Autumn Day by 
Paul Williams & Allison Cratchley .
. A Windy Autumn Day
Paul Williams & Allison Cratchley


A windy autumn day proved to be the perfect day for kite flying.
What happened to Claudia and Diesel’s kite?
Would they ever be ready for another kite flying adventure?

Format: Paperback
Pages: 32pp colour

Wobbly Jim 
by Kate Toon and Will Pearce .
. Wobbly Jim
Kate Toon and Will Pearce


Small friends can make big allies. Wobbly Jim is the tale of a pirate with a wooden leg and a taste for dolphin wee. His is a story of triumph over adversity, friendship, loyalty and adventure.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 32pp colour

Phoebe Digs Politics 
Angela Moyle .
. Clyde's Prickly Ride
Angela Moyle


Clyde the echidna doesn’t like it when his habitat is invaded with people. He usually tries to stay out of the way until all the crowds have left, but this year he is lured out of his hiding place by some lovely juicy ants.
What does Clyde get up to on his unintentional adventure? Will he finally discover why so many people love to visit his beautiful home in Canberra?

Format: Paperback
Pages: 32pp colour
ISBN: 9781925209587

Phoebe Digs Politics 
Angela Moyle .
. Phoebe Digs Politics
Angela Moyle


Phoebe the wombat lives in a lovely burrow in the bush capital of Australia – Canberra.  She knows she lives in the best place in the world, but the temptation to explore the lovely green hill nearby is much too great. Find out what happens to Phoebe when her adventures lead her face to face with the Prime Minister of Australia!

Format: Paperback
Pages: 32pp colour
ISBN: 9781925086317

Zach Zephyr and the Coral Gold
 by Vaughan Brazier .
. Zach Zephyr and the Coral Gold
Vaughan Brazier



Zach Zephyr likes things X-treme. Sports that is. But things don't get much more extreme than being chased by a tiger shark, tackling a tropical cyclone or scuba diving for buried treasure.
Follow Zach's action packed adventures and leam a thing or two about coral reefs and scuba diving along the way.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 202pp
ISBN: 9781925086171

Snoozy Sam 
A Country Far Away by 
Nigel Gray + Philipe Dupasquier .
. A Country Far Away
Nigel Gray + Philipe Dupasquier


A remarkable and delightful book that shows how children are alike the world over, while at the same time celebrating the rich and interesting diversity of their ordinary

Unique among picture books, A Country Far Away avoids didacticism while joyfully celebrating the kinship of human cultures and children everywhere. – Publishers Weekly

Format: Paperback
Pages: 28pp
ISBN: 9780980876024

Snoozy Sam 
by Jen Dennis .
. Snoozy Sam
Jen Dennis


Snoozy Sam is a very sleepy koala.
Sometimes he can sleep almost all day!
But a loud noise wakes Sam from his nap.
What could be making that noise?

Format: Paperback colour A4
Pages: 40pp

-  Words by Matt Lumb • Illustrations by Kiara Mucci .
. Hope
Words by Matt Lumb • Illustrations by Kiara Mucci


Hope carries her heavy backpack to school every day.
What does she have in there?
What makes her strong?
What will she do now that Jetpack Day has arrived?

Format: Hardcover colour A4 + A3 landscape
Pages: 32pp

Onslo  by Kelly Theobald .
. Onslo
Kelly Theobald


Deep in the Australian outback, in a town called Birdsville, Onslo the blue Volkswagen Beetle dreams of adventures in the beautiful Simpson Desert. But, unlike the big four-wheel-drives who pass through Birdsville, he is too small to conquer the big sand dunes. However, with the encouragement of his best friend Geoffrey, the brave beetle embarks on his very own desert adventure.

Format: Colour 230mm x 230mm
Pages: 32pp
ISBN: 978-1-922022-69-1

Mary Bea by Tamara Hogan .
. Mary Bea and the Strawberries all the way home
Tamara Hogan


A charming story about Mary Bea dealing with feelings of anger and frustration as she battles with her mother to eat exactly what she likes… in this case, hot, steamy chippies from the drive through on the way home from school! »

Format: Colour 230mm x 230mm
Pages: 32pp
ISBN: 978-1-921787-79-9

Mary Bea says WhY is for Yoga by Tamara Hogan .
. Mary Bea says WhY is for Yoga
Tamara Hogan


The series seeks to equip children with fundamental life-skills and concepts to hold them in good stead as they navigate the wondrous and complicated journey of ‘growing up’. The key to each of Mary Bea’s books, is the scope for children to become immersed in the simple joy of ‘story’, while also providing opportunity for Thinking and Talking Time at the end of the book .»

Format: Colour 230mm x 230mm
Pages: 32pp
ISBN: 978-1-922204-06-6

Lizzie McWitchy  by Christine Hookham .
. Lizzie McWitchy
Christine Hookham


Barefoot Magic
zzie McWitchy lives in the bush, surrounding herself with animals and creatures who have come to trust and love her. Some men from the city want to destroy the bush to build houses, so the animals enlist Lizzie's help to save their homes. Lizzie then embarks on a special spell to make the men see the earth's distress at their actions.

Format: Paperback Full Colour
Pages: 36pp
ISBN: 9781922022653

A Baker's Dozen . A Baker's Dozen
Nigel Gray + Cedric Baxter

A mouth-watering feast of stories cooked up by the highly acclaimed author, Nigel Gray, and sumptuously decorated by the celebrated artist, Cedric Baxter. Charming, thought-provoking and bubbling over with laughs. Lip-smackingly good.



Format: Paperback Colour
Pages: 128pp
ISBN: 978-0-9803623-9-8

. . We Are One
Jennifer Black

While we may all look, feel, behave differently, and come in different shapes and sizes from different parts of the world, ‘We Are One’.




Format: Paperback Colour
Pages: 32pp
RRP: $24.95

Saving Jasper . Saving Jasper
Nigel Gray + Cedric Baxter

Jasper, the Moon Bear, spends a happy childhood in the forest before he is trapped and caged. Will Jasper spend the rest of his days in that terrible place, or is rescue on the way?

Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-9804170-7-4

My Two Super Dads . My Two Super Dads
Bronny + Muntsa

“I’ve got two Dads
We make a family
We’ve got a cat and a dog
And a garden with a big oak tree”

Format: Paperback Full Colour
RRP: $14.95

My Super Single mum . My Super Single Mum
Bronny + Muntsa

“It’s just Mum and me
And that’s okay,
We have lots of fun
Just her and me, everyday”

Format: Paperback Full Colour
RRP: $14.95

The Sanctuary . The Sanctuary
S. Bonaventure

A simple decision to walk down to the stream one morning before breakfast leads 13 year-old Jamie Montgomery into unexpected danger. His instinctive response has him at first running, then fighting for his life.



Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-9217872-8-7
RRP: $29.95

Bootsie . Bootsie Series
Mike James

Bootsie is desperate for his team to get into the finals of the under-11’s rugby union competition. But first, they have to face the Eastern Warriors, the South East Cats, then the dreaded Western Rebels.




Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-980638-13-4
RRP: $14.95

Duck and the Big Wave by  Rick Caine . Duck and the Big Wave
Rick Caine

Duck loves to surf more than anything else in the world. Unfortunately he is terrified by the big crashing waves.

ISBN: 9781921787751
RRP: $17.95



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